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We offer various Audio Visual solutions for different sectors. Our solution on AV covers different segments of applications as per customers requirement.Successful audio visual integration means clearly hearing every spoken word, viewing videos without interruption, as well as providing two-way communication with co-workers regardless of their location or devices. Anything less is unacceptable. As highly experienced AV integrator, AST provide integration solutions that not only meet, but exceed, your requirements.We are committed to finding new ways to harness the latest technologies to improve and enhance our clients’ audio visual requirements.

Audio Security

Compared with facial recognition, audio security might seem downright old-fashioned. But there are advances here as well for AV and audio security. Imagine if audio could be used along with video to enhance security for the companies you do business with. Audio can now be used at perimeter points to alert intruders that they have been detected and the police have been summoned. This both makes response time much quicker, but also can keep security personnel out of harm’s way. And if live interaction isn’t feasible, you can create a series of pre-recorded messages. Hearing a voice has been shown to be effective in deterring intruders. You have the automation tools available so audio can be set up to listen for specific sounds and alert security personnel when they occur. This has made such audio surveillance much more cost effective since staff are not needed to listen to a live audio feed in real time.

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