Emergency exits

Revolving Doors & Man-trap Portals

High security entrances offering tailgating prevention. When security is critical, high security revolving doors and portals have been proven to prevent intrusion. Although security doors and portals differ in numerous ways, their commonality lies upon their ability to take pressure off employees by eliminating instances of tailgating or piggybacking. When coupled with bio-metric and access control devices, security doors and portals work to support regulatory compliance, risk and liability reduction and accurate metrics collection.

Access Gates

Introducing wide lane access for a comfortable low security entry. Access gates are an important component of your overall risk mitigation strategy. This type of entrance not only supports disabled access but also provides a comfortable alternative to users carrying large bags, pushing dollies, or simply older and would be more comfortable using a wider lane. These gates can easily integrate with other (higher security) security turnstiles.

Tripod Turnstiles

Safe and secure entry to a secured area should be easy and comfortable for all users. Our range of tripod turnstiles provide precisely that. These low security deterrent solutions are straightforward and effective in controlling large volumes of people on a daily basis in supervised environments.

Optical Turnstiles

When it is essential to balance security and visitor management, entrance solutions that detect tailgating and piggybacking attempts are key. Our optical turnstile solutions provide a strong visual obstacle against intrusion, and, when coupled with bio-metric and access control devices, can raise alarms to alert guard staff of unauthorized entry in real time. The physical barrier supports regulatory compliance and risk reduction at companies across the globe.

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