Fire systems

Emergency protection

Network FM200(HFC-227ea)

FM200 (Heptafluoropropane, HFC-227ea) automatic fire extinguishing system is a gas fire, automatic control and fire detection is one of the modern intelligent automatic fire extinguishing system.
When the FM200 gas fire extinguishing system environment of submerged endeavors, it can be combined with physical and chemical reaction process rapidly and effectively eliminate heat, prevent the happening of the fire, the physical properties of FM200 performance in its molecule vaporizing stage can rapid cooling flame temperature; And the release of free radicals in the process of chemical reaction, will eventually stop burning a chain reaction.

Cabinet FM200(HFC-227ea)

90L cabinet type FM200 System is mainly composed by two parts. Extinguishing devices and electrical accessories. Extinguishing devices are such things, like cabinet to store extinguishing device, cylinder to fill and store FM200 and flexible hose and solenoid actuator and so on. Electrical accessories are those things which are used to detect and monitor whole protective area and control whole system, also warn people to evacuate and prevent from fire expansion. These integrated two parts will be efficient to detect and supervise and alarm and extinguish fire automatically.
1. Electric insulation, utilization for extinguishing of electrical combustion
2. No residue and pollution inside protection zone
3. No need for employment of monitor staff
4. Short time discharge of extinguishing agent
5. Preparation for storage room
6. Agent quantity for biggest zone is enough to protect all zones through selector valves

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