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Electric Fence

Electric fencing takes less time, effort and cost than traditional, non-electric fencing:
1. Economical and easy - An electric fence is half the cost and takes less than half the time to build and maintain. To make setting up the fence even easier
2. Safe and reliable- Electric fencing delivers a short, safe and memorable shock to create a psychological as well as a physical barrier.
3. Durable and long lasting - Lasts a lot longer than a traditional fence and stays in good condition..

Razor Wire

This is an awesome vicious barrier which security professionals know and trust. It’s designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter walls or barriers. Would be intruders are well advised to avoid any confrontation with this obstacle, known for its uncompromising vicious and multiple razor cuts inflicting properties. We have the razor wire in two sizes;
• 450mm diameter-8mtr long ripper coil
• 730mm diameter-10mtr long ripper coil

Agricultural Farm Electric Fence

Electric Fencing technology offers the most effective 24 hour security surveillance. Its activities offer an extended reaction time as opposed to conventional security systems. It acts as a 24 hour patrol man. An intruder receives a non-lethal repulsive mega shock and a corresponding detection alarm is set off. Together with the fences, we install electric fence energizers with battery backups which are used to power the fences besides a strobe light and a siren that goes off should the fence be breached in anyway by intrusion.

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